Champion Income Tax - What Makes Us Different

Champion Income Tax Service is a family owned and operated business established in 1964 by Tom and Pat Schrader. Today, after more than 45 years in business, it continues operating in the Schrader family. The "Schrader Building" is located at 5572 Mahoning Avenue NW, (Champion) Warren, Ohio, 44483. Our building is situated just south of State Route 305 and State Route 45 in Champion Township.


One of the many things that seems to set us apart from our competition, is when you call, you be greeted by an warm and friendly voice by a "real person". You will not be listening to a recording telling you to punch in PIN numbers, extention numbers, etc. In this technology driven age, we are still striving to "service" our customers with a personal touch.

We too offer "E-file" capabilities, along with direct deposit options, refund anticipation checks and E1 debit cards. Just like the "other guys", however, at a fraction of the cost.

Our office does operate by appointment; however, we do prepare "drop off" returns. It is recommended, however, especially for the first time to make an appointment and set with a preparer for a one on one consultation. There is NO extra fee for this consultation, and we believe you will walk away having had a happy, comfortable and beneficial experience.


Another comment we hear all too often..."will this return be prepared for all to witness"?
By all means NO........ Our facility believes that your financial affairs and taxes are a highly sensitive and private issue and should be handled with the respect it deserves. When coming in for an appointment, you will be taken to a private office for tax return preparation and completion. Generally, assuming that the taxpayer has all pertinent documents and information with them at the time of scheduled appointment, you will also know the outcome of the return before you leave.


Because we are striving for the best possible service to you, our customers, we strive to ask all the pertinent questions to do a complete and accurate tax return. Sometimes during the tax interview process, conversation reveals instances occured that will greatly benefit the you the tax client. So, be prepared that this will not necessarily be just someone setting data input from W-2's, etc.


Because we strive to be a full service facility; we also have the ability to service all your personal and business taxes and insurance all year round. We also help with planning for your retirement and other financial needs. Who better to assist and consult with you than the individual who is aware of your tax and financial liabilities?


That's right.... we can even throw in a little fun to make your experience not only knowledgeable but entertaining as well.

Once again, this year, for every tax return we complete between January 15, 2011, you will be entered into a drawing for a $500 cash prize.

In addition, we always have "giveaways". Come and discover the possibilites.

We trust you will be pleased!